Closed until Friday due to CATLESSNESS

Catfe will be closed this week, reopening on Friday, January 8th. Due to the overwhelming success of adoptions in our first few weeks, we have run out of cats!

Our aim is to have anywhere between 8 and 12 cats at the cafe, which will fluctuate as cats get adopted out and more cats arrive, but over the next week, as a result of steady adoptions paired with holiday hours and bad road conditions for our Northern cat transfers, our partners at the BC SPCA have been low on cats to send to us.

We update Facebook as new cats arrive, so you can check back regularly to find out about our most recent arrivals. We are excited that so many cats have already found homes, but we also look forward to providing a fun, cat-filled space in the near future with lots of new feline furriends to meet. Thank you for your patience as we grow!

*PLEASE NOTE there is NOT a shortage of adoptable cats in the Lower Mainland, and the BC SPCA only sends us their most social cats - if you are looking to adopt a cat, please check out their gallery of adoptable cats, and check out other local cat rescues, such as Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue AssociationRichmond Animal Protection SocietyLangley Animal Protection Society (LAPS)Katie's Place Animal Shelter, Tinykittens and CARES Cat Shelter